Our key purpose is to serve our customers by providing them the
best health services.


The Online Store for U takes good care of the health and
well-being of our valuable customers with the help of our professional team and
through its vast medical experience.  Our Online Pharmacy has the best
solution for individuals’ physical and mental health.


We are well aware of the medicinal requirement of today’s era. We
sell and deliver the high quality generic medicines to our customers and we
have very effective meds available in our stock. Online Store for U bridges the
gap between our customers’ demands and its supply by delivering the best
quality medicines with trusted health-related information.


Who are we?


Online Store is an Online Pharmacy store which deals in
high-quality generic medicines which are of the best and effective quality. We
fill our customers’ orders with responsibility and dedication.

We are committed to providing our users with trusted,
high-quality medicines and evidence-based health information.


Skilled Professional Team


Our team consists of qualified and accredited health and
medicine professionals, a specialist in their coverage area. In addition to
many years of expertise, they are always up to date on the latest medical news
and research by attending medical seminars, events, and conferences throughout
the year.


High-Quality Medicines


All the products on our website are real and genuine generic
medicines. We deal in high-quality medicines manufactured by the best
manufacturers in the country. Our website carries only safe and effective



Our products are medically reviewed by healthcare providers and
physicians who are in active clinical practice. The statistics on our website
about products are relevant to the medications we sell and we keep updating our
products’ information consequently.




Online Store for U is a one-stop-shop where our valuable customers
can purchase all the kind medications of their daily use. We sell Pain Killer,
Anti-Anxiety or Sleeping Pills, Weight Loss and Mental Health medicines of very
effective quality.


What do we do?


We are committed to serve our customers with the best health
services and facilities. We have over 10 years’ experience in dispensing
quality products. We help you look after your health and the health of your
loved ones without any hassle. One can get the required medicines from us
easily as we can deliver our products all over the world. You are just one click
away from receiving your required meds.


Our Stock and Discounts


We have a wide variety of medicines in stock which can easily be
delivered in any part of the US as well as across the world in a timely manner.
Now everyone has easy access to their daily used meds. We also offer seasonal
and occasional discounts and our customers can save money by availing our
offers. Though our regular prices are already very reasonable and easily
affordable. Further, our prices are fixed and there are NO HIDDEN


Fast Delivery


We have very reliable and fast shipping methods. We offer regular
and expedited shipping service which is very safe and secured and trusted by
thousands over the decade. Our delivery team makes sure to deliver the packages
safely in a timely manner to avoid any kind of delay or inconveniences.  




People find a lot of
reasons for skipping their medications. Closed pharmacies, heavy traffic,
monsoon season, forgetfulness, reason can be anything, but medicines are a
critical component for managing health and medical conditions. It is best for
you to never run out of your essential medicines.

Therefore, we provide
you the convenience of buying medicines anytime, anywhere from the comfort of
your home. It is our responsibility to deliver your medications at your
doorsteps on time.

How to place an order.

Well, placing your order with us
is very easy and handy. We have our services open for our customers 24/7 so you
can anytime place your order with us whenever you want. We are just a click
away from placing your order.


You can just visit our website and place your
order there by filling out necessary information.


You can also place your order
with us through email us at or at

You will just have to email us
your name, contact #, shipping address, product name and its quantity and your
order will be placed with us through email.

Call or text us:

You can also call or text us at 347-480-1404 and speak to our Customer
Care Executive and our professional team member will take your order details
and your order will be placed on just one phone call or a text message.