Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The following are
the Terms & Conditions for using an onlinestoreforu.com, read them together
with the Privacy Policy as they govern your product purchase and use of
products and services from onlinestoreforu.com, and constitute a
legally binding between the customer and onlinestoreforu.com.

This Terms &
Conditions document is an electronic record generated by a computer system that
does not require any physical or digital signatures.

The document is published in accordance with the rules that
require posting all the rules and regulations, terms of use, and privacy policy

For the purpose of the Terms of Use, wherever the
context requires the term “You”/ “User”/ “Customer” mean any legal or natural
person who is using the
onlinestoreforu.com website by entering the name of the domain in
any internet browser. Any service provided by this website, which has no
registration, does not absolve you of this agreement’s contractual

By visiting or registering on our website, you
are bound by the Terms of Use and any other binding document as decided by the
company. You are requested to read all the documents carefully before accepting
the same.

By visiting, viewing, accessing, or otherwise
using any of our services or information created, collected, or submitted
onlinestoreforu.com, you agree to all the following Terms & Conditions of
sale and service. So, before using this website, please carefully read these
terms as you’re bound to be agreed upon by them. Please do not use
onlinestoreforu.com if you do not agree to these Terms & Conditions.


Our Privacy Policy protects all the registration information
provided by you.

You represent and oblige that the information you submit during
registration is accurate and truthful and that you will maintain the accuracy
of all such information.

Online Store for U account username and password are personal to you. You will
be held responsible for the activities associated with your account. It is
advisable that you may not transfer your username and password to anyone.

onlinestoreforu.com is not liable for damages or loss due to
your failure to maintain the confidentiality of the credentials of your
account. Immediately notify onlinestoreforu.com if you suspect any unauthorized
access to your account.

You are responsible for keeping your email address and your
mobile number up to date on your account setup at onlinestoreforu.com so we can
easily communicate with you electronically.

By registering with us, you agree to receive communications via
email, SMS, phone, and chat. If you wish to discontinue receiving notification
from us, at any time, you can notify us through email.


  1. By using our
    website services, we consider that you agree to get calls, pre-recorded
    messages or calls from us whenever it is needed to contact
    us on the
     contact numbers that you have provided us while
    placing your order; dependent upon the Privacy Policy. It incorporates
    reaching you by third parties.
  2. Further, you additionally agree to get
    SMS or text messages from us whenever needed. The assent for contact is
    for purposes that incorporate and not restricted to explanation,
    advertising, and promotional calls. If you wish to prevent correspondence
    from us, you might send us an email regarding it.
  3. Our Privacy Policy will govern
    the sharing of your information. Onlinestoreforu.com will never share our
    customers’ personal or contact information to any third party not
    connected with our website and its services, or any purpose not in
    furtherance of activities of the company. For more information, please
    refer to onlinestoreforu.com “Privacy Policy.”


Eligibility or Membership


  1. The usage of our website is restricted to those above 18
    years of age, or emancipated minors, who have legal consent of parents or
    guardians, or otherwise are in a position to be able and competent to
    enter into the terms, obligations, conditions, representations,
    affirmations, and warranties in the Terms of Use, and to abide and comply
    by these terms of Use.

You are
solely responsible for protecting the confidentiality of your username and
password and activities under the account deemed to done by you. In case you
provide us any inaccurate and false details, we hold the right to suspend your
account or terminate this agreement with you without any further notice and any


and Price

There are no charges to use our website
and it incorporates just the use of specific services of the website. As a
result you comprehend that our no charge strategy is modifiable anytime at
the company’s discretion.

While availing any of the payment options on our
website, we will not issue any liability or will be responsible, whatsoever in
respect of any damage or loss arising directly or indirectly to you because of:

Lack of transaction authorization

Exceeding the limit agreed by you and your bank

Any payment problems arising out of the transaction

The decline of your purchase for any other reason

All payments against services or products of the website by you
will be in US dollars.


on Website

  1. The
    information on this website is not, in any case, a substitution for
    professional medical treatment or advice for any medical condition. It
    would be best if you did not make medical decisions, and always seek
    advice from an experienced healthcare provider with any questions you have
    about your medical condition.
  2. Onlinestoreforu.com
    does not endorse any opinions or views included in the website or other
    additional information provided through our services. The submission of
    your queries or reviews on our Products does not constitute a professional
    relationship between you and onlinestoreforu.com



  • The assent on our website comprises all
    texts, pictures, graphics, user edges, visual interfaces, signs, logos,
    music, sound, artwork, and design.
  • Our website can also cover links to the
    content of third-party websites not associated with US Pharma. We do not
    have any control over the third-party created content as we are not an
    arbitrator for the purpose of their content.
  • Other than
    this, we don’t permit any use of the content of our website
    being republished, replicated, reposted, programmed, deciphered,
    communicated, openly shown, or circulated in any capacity including
    reflecting to some other site, server, PC, or any other medium of
    distribution or dispersion.


of Sale

1.     Online
Store for U has right to accept or decline any order of a customer in its
absolute discretion without any accountability to its clients.

2.     Online
Store for U may discontinue any of its offers, discounts, or programs without
any prior notice.

Online Store for U reserves the right to limit the
order quantity of the products available on its website.